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Our little blog about why you should choose Winkworth Estate Agents to Sell your home in Brixham

Why Choose Us?

Choosing the right Estate Agent is not something that should be taken lightly. There is a significant number of factors that ought to be taken into consideration alongside the impacts of the choosing the wrong agent to sell your home.

  • Is your property going to be seen by everyone?
  • Will it be marketed properly?
  • What services will you be getting for your money
  • How can you be sure you will get the best price?
  • The power of the Agent v’s Online Only

These are just a small selection of what we can answer here:

Agent Options

Online Agents

In the age of modern technology, online agents have grown over the last years, but there need to be a few elements of caution to consider in this method. Online agent options are ‘pay upfront’ promoting the fact of saving the seller money on completion. Although this is not a no sale no fee transaction and you have to question the incentive of the online agent to obtain the best price when they’ve already been paid.

You must carry out your own viewings unless you want to pay for a viewing service and you even must negotiate with the potential purchaser of your property over the price directly with them. This can often and in an acrimonious problem when negotiating potentially losing the sale or settling for a lesser price.

Online agents have, No office, No local newspaper advertising, they just put it online and hope for the best. The internet will never replace the good old fashioned Face to Face discussions or conversations about what the property benefits from or what suits the buyer. Not everyone is on the internet or knows of these options either so you will be limiting your buyers.

Traditional Agents

The traditional agent is the old age, proven method of getting the best price for your property. Traditional agents, often professionals, with vast local knowledge of the area and with a bank of potential purchasers recorded in their software systems. Together with motivated office staff, they use all the methods of the online agent and much more. With the office presents and newspaper advertising they truly are working for you on a no sale no fee basis ensuring they achieve by all known methods best price possible for your home.


Getting your property exposed is paramount. Without it being seen by the world, no one will know it’s for sale, so what mediums are there.


  • For Sale Board. Probably one of the oldest forms of advertising known to man. A simple for sale board will not only be a signpost to the passersby but to help find your property when looking for it. It’s our 24-7 sales ticket to selling your home. Our boards are simple and attractive and a recognised brand in the area for selling and renting property


  • Online Property Portals. There are literally hundreds of websites out there trying to mimic or copy the big boys of property portals, and it has to be said, that the main players such as Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location are the big hitters. We find that a significant number of our inquiries come via this, and it’s a common place people start to look when they are looking for property to buy. But it’s important to know that not all people are internet savvy and still like to pop into the office and or read the papers.


  • Local Newspapers. Although this medium seems to be dying off somewhat, the touch and the feel of a good old Sunday Newspaper is just great. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get the property exposed to the local community to see what you have for sale and of course, a picture tells a thousand words. We often find that the ‘Pay up front’ agents don’t provide this service which can limit the number of buyers to your property possibly affecting the price you can achieve.


  • Estate Agents Office Window. It’s human nature, people are nosey at what money buys you, and what is available in the area. In all the offices we have worked in, we find it amazing just how many people stop by and look at what is available to buy or rent in the area, whether they are locals or holiday makers, it’s a vital marketing method to get the property seen by as many buyers as possible.

    Bright LED Displays


  • Social Media. Some people boo-hoo this as a non-starter. But it has to be said, that there are more people looking on social media every day than almost any other medium. Ok, perhaps not all home buyers, but by utilising this facility, it stimulated people who may not actually be thinking of moving and fall in love with the images and lifestyle that the advert is portraying. Not only this, when someone likes something, they tend to share it in some way or another.

The Negotiating

The Negotiation between buyer and seller has to be one of the utmost important aspects of the sales process to maximise the best possible price. With buyers and sellers having their own opinion of price, values and thoughts, it’s vital to consider a person with a wealth of knowledge, confidence and understanding to secure the best options and price possible.  With online agents & systems, the personal touch is lost and the information that can be gained from face to face negotiation can be lost.

The Service

Everyone expects a good service from people they employ to carry out work for them, from the small independent Tradesmen right through to the multinational company, why should it be any different with selling your home. As we are a small, local firm who’s business is based on recommendation and repeat business, our service speaks for itself. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen, understand your needs and act in a professional, yet friendly manner to achieve the best outcome for all our clients. Our testimonials on our website says it all.

The People

It’s often said, that ‘People buy People’ and we love this phrase. We as agents are the go to people for your home and as a Vendor, you will want to trust us and as a buyer, this is also the same. Our office staff are qualified in their specialised sector of business and we all strive to achieve a result that is not only satisfactory to all parties but something worth talking about.

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